It has been announced by the official website of LG for the phone users around the world.

We all have heard that LG has stopped his manufacturing of mobile phones..

But the company also claims that there will be no problem regarding to the use of their phones and they will give also get IOS updates.

And they have also extended the warranty period of LG k42.



Recently the news has came from Mumbai(MAHARASTRA) where a teenager 20years of old has been sentenced to prison for giving a flying kiss to a girl of age 16.

From the sources it has been estimated that the boy had a dare with this friend for Rs 500 for giving a flying kiss to the girl.

Earlier also he did the same thing but after a warning given by the victims family he performed the same activity.

Later the girl filled a FIR against the boy and according to section 2 Posco act (Sexual harassment) he had been sentenced to jail for 3years with 15 thousand Rupees as a fine.



For the people who love Tesla and have tons of money in the form of land.

Tesla has decided to open its showrooms in India and wants to buy land around 35000 sq.

Basically they want to plant in

Delhi, Mumbai and Banglore.

So it will be great opportunity for the property dealers who want to earn some extra profits from international market.

You just need to go through the terms and policies according to Tesla and rest of the profits will be yours.