Making a Case: Rust for Python developers

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

Woes of using Python…

Introducing Rust…

real    24m38.163s
user 0m0.335s //time couldn't capture the jvm process user stat
sys 0m0.088s
real    2m52.699s
user 2m34.125s
sys 0m12.078s

Surprising conciseness of Rust…

 agg //hashmap
.entry(id) //get the entry with key “id”
.or_insert(aggregate::new()) // if the entry is not present, then insert the empty structure
.topic_set //if the entry is present get the topic_set field from the aggregate structure
.insert(topic); //insert the topic to the topic_set
agg = dict()if id in agg:
agg[id] = { “topic_set”: set(), “language_set”: set(), “primary_language”: None, “watchers_count”: 0 }

Is it worth it…

real    20m8.024s
user 0m0.304s
sys 0m0.051s
real 1m37.523s
user 4m11.576s
sys 0m9.232s


real    5m7.349s
user 4m17.373s
sys 0m4.444s
htop screen while running Rust code
htop screen while running Spark code

Final thoughts…

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