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It all started during my hobby research on various distributed schedulers and distributed computing frameworks. Naturally, Spark came under the bracket. I was already somewhat familiar with Spark internals since I have been using it for over 3 years. It struck me then that one of the primary reasons why it became hugely successful is not just because of its speed and efficiency, it is due to its very intuitive APIs. This is the same reason why Pandas are also extremely popular. If not, there are arguably better alternatives, if one has to…

Following the previous post, here I am going to introduce the key concepts of Rust — Ownership and Borrowing.

Note: Ownership is the toughest concept you will encounter while getting started to program in Rust. There is no way to postpone it to later stages like in other languages. It hits you right in the face even in the most trivial programs. So please bear with me for now. Once you get comfortable with ownership and borrowing, it becomes much easier to code in Rust. …

In my last article, I tried to make my case for learning Rust for Python developers or developers from other higher level programming languages. I have decided to contribute towards the goal of making Rust approachable for Python developers. I am writing a small series of Rust tutorials as time permits aiming at challenges I have faced while learning Rust and solutions I have found along the way.

This is my first article in the series of articles about making Rust approachable for Python developers and developers from other high-level languages. …

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I couldn’t give an appropriate title for this article. Sorry for that. Python developers encompass a huge variety of developers. I am going to target use cases for a particular set of python developers: Machine Learning developers. But for others too, it might prove to be useful. By others, I mean almost anyone coming from high level GC languages like Python, Go, Java, etc., For example go through this discussion

You must be wondering who in their right mind would write web apps in Rust, supposedly a systems language. Once you pass the learning stage in Rust, which is…

So I have finally decided to take a break from my professional life. Many around me questioned my whim of taking a break at this early stage in my career, since it’s been only two and half years, since I started working. Well, it’s kinda hard to explain. I am feeling little burnt out even though my work has been really interesting till now.

This briefly describes my life so far:

After studying hard in high school, I was able to secure a seat in one of the premier technical institutes of India. I slacked off a bit for the…

Raja Sekar

Deep Learning practitioner, Distributed Systems enthusiast and a newbie entrepreneur

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