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If you use Google Meet for professional meets ,then you must encounter this problem of Switch Account from your default account to professional account for every meet . Now get rid of this problem using this Google Meet Assistant which helps you to forward meets to your professional/desired mail/accounts

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Steps to add this extension to chrome

Download this repo

  • Add the downloaded folder to chrome..


  • Read an image
image = cv2.imread("/assetsimages/shapes.jpg")
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Our Input Image
  • Let’s see edges using canny edge detection

First convert image to gray scale for better detection and add blur to reduce noise

grayImage = (cv2.cvtColor(image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY))
blurredImage = cv2.GaussianBlur(grayImage, (3, 3), 0)
# check with different blur types for better output

Reading Images


cv2 library works on images as numpy matrices, if you want to see it just print the image like


To display image,

cv2.imshow(windowname,image_matrix(cv2 image))
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the image will be blinked to see the image we need to add delay

if we give 0 then it is infinite delay

cv2.waiKey(1000) # delay of 1 sec



we don’t need to worry about kernel just change values to get desired depth of blur

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Govt. Of India banned 59 Chinese apps including popular apps like TikTok, ShareIt..

Here is the full list..

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Is #BOYCOTTCHINESEPRODUCTS possible..? explained..

What is Boycotting..?

Firstly Boycotting chinese products here means avoiding further buying or using of china apps or products.It doesn’t mean to throw away all the chinese products we have now.Because,our aim is to reduce income for chinese but not increasing our expenditure further.

Example: I have a chinese brand’s mobile.If I throw it away and bought another mobile as part of #BOYCOTTCHINESEPRODUCTS. It does not make sense. And another point to note here is every mobile brand depends on china for mobile parts.I …

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