Drawing of life

I love this drawing. Partly because I drew it ;), but mainly because of the thoughts that surged in my mind while drawing it. As if all those lines were revealing something very deep.

It looks amazing. Drawn with just simple lines.

I don’t have pictures of work in progress of this drawing. But it starts with a simple triangle or any polygon actually. That polygon is then filled with lines in a particular manner. After finishing that polygon, a new one is added — it can be anywhere on the page — but I relied on to adding connected polygons. Do not stop, continue to do the same — adding new polygons and filling those with lines — till the end of the page is reached. Lines start evolving into engaging patterns and at the end strikingly beautiful art is revealed.

I found it so much related to the life — overall drawing denoting the life journey, polygons denoting the phases of life, sides of polygons denoting personal, familial, social, professional sides of one’s life. And lines depicting the paths one takes.

One starts the life journey at the birth and then one keeps on evolving in time and space — be it consciously or unconsciously — doesn’t matter.

One enters a phase (childhood, school phase, married life, … can be anything), and continues to keep going, working on self, interacting with others, with surrounding environment. That phase might be very small or might be a big one. That phase might be of sheer happiness or of scorching sorrow. Phase of flowing mightily and freely or a stagnant phase of getting stuck. Might be of ups or might be of downs. Might be of leading exciting life or might be of living routine, monotonous life. One might be thinking and doing really good, awesome things, one might be doing morally bad, wrong things, or one might not be doing anything. Just doesn’t matter. One is moving ahead regardless.

Once the phase is complete, one stands at a point to start a new one. Point of big decisions. One can take those decisions on one’s own or someone else takes those. Good or bad decisions. But the new phase starts and the cycle repeats.

At every point, life is fading into the past and getting unfolded for the future at the same time. Or rather — it would not be wrong to say — one is fading into the past and one is getting unfolded simultaneously.

One who started the journey lies far behind. Or at the same point?? Who knows 😃

One keeps on living life, evolving, going through various phases (with positive, negative feelings). But no matter what the nature of phase is, one is weaving beautiful patterns — knowingly or unknowingly. One is marching ahead continuously, creating a spectacular design of life.

(This is what was in my head before I decided to write this. I always look at life as a great gift regardless of ups and downs in it. Life concept itself never fails to amaze me. And this drawing felt resonating . But as I started writing this, one thing struck me promptly. Adding it. )

But not to forget, however beautiful it is, it is only a craft of Mayajaal that is left behind in the end.😉

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