TV revolution !

So I was damn excited to spend a nice, long weekend at home this time. It’s been a while since I have come home without carrying any pending worksheets or long due meet ups or anything like that on my mind. Ofcourse mom wanted me to help her recodecorate some stuff but that’s about all the work I was planning to do. Basically it was all about good food and a good sleep and TV! (Ohh don’t judge me.. I love to watch TV..)

The timing was perfect. I had all the time to catch up with Masterchef Australia Season 8, So you think you can dance Season 12 and French open Finals. It was all very well planned out. I had even decided on the popcorn flavors and number of coffee cups I was going to need. It was a vacation to die for..

But life had other plans as always. Some distant relatives decided to pay a visit on Sunday to meet me. Further, as if they were on a mission to ruin my evening, they declared they want to watch Zee Tv. My siblings were having the heartiest laugh when they saw my face with `we can’t do this ourselves’ look. I thought to myself it’s not a big deal. I can do this. I accepted the unspoken challenge and sat to watch the serials.

But as expected, the Indian TV serial scene right now is going burserk. It looked like the producers are overproducing, the writers are overwriting and the actors were completely overacting the shit. The gaudy display of costumes and make up only sever the irritation caused by unnecessary background music. I would have put up with the non sense if there was any storyline. The story still revolves around the archaic, jelousy-ridden, revenge seeking saans-bahu plots and if it’s a marathi serial it will have an added pinch of religious conservatism, streotypical gender biases besides a sad attempt at cross-dressing as comedy. Did you know there is a prime time 9 pm tv serial called Naagin with some pretty snake-ladies as lead characters? I mean which century do we live in?

It goes without saying that I couldn’t complete the challenge. I gave up within the first half an hour. Television has a reach that is unthinkable to any other visual medium. There are a lot of people in India who spend a lot of time watching a lot of shitty TV. I have no statistics to prove how many people actually take this shit seriously but I think we need to call a complete emergency over this issue. I think it’s time we need a TV revolution. If we have to change the mindsets of the people in our country, we need to change it one TV serial at a time.

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