There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Whoever said this first, definitely had figured out life. (Yes I’m making an assumption and I have no facts to prove this) Almost everything we get in life is a result of some struggle. For a few things the struggle is negligible, but some other things really need us to put in all we can.

I had heard this adage long back, but funny thing about these wise sayings is, you don’t understand them until you experience them. A few recent events have made me realize this is very true, and for a good reason. If the best things in life were available easily, we sure wouldn’t value them to be the best. These ‘best’ or ‘hard to get’ things can be different for everyone, for some it might be getting their dream job, becoming fit, or rich, or even becoming more peaceful and happy. No matter how different, all these goals have one thing in common: They require immense determination.

Determination to follow your goal without losing hope no matter what. That is one of the hardest things, because there can be so many constant distractions around us. Some of these “distractions” might be neglected, while some might be totally out of our control. Now sorry but I’m not leading to any solution for this, cuz if I had one, I’d have already gotten what I wanted (And I’d be trying to sell the solution to you rather than just sharing my thoughts ;) :P)

I’m just putting down my thoughts. If anyone were to stumble upon this, and relate to it even a bit, I’d just like to say that if you’re one of those who wants something badly but might not be working towards it enough, don’t give up! You never know how close you might be so all the best! :). And to those who are already doing their best, keep going and inspire the rest of us! :D