Kite Festival Celebration in Varanasi, Jaipur, Gujarat INDIA

Varanasi Kite Festival — Jaipur Makar sankranti — Gujarat Kite Flying Festival

Makar Sankranti’s day-every January 14 the kite festival of Varanasi and Jaipur. Attract thousands of children and adults with its colorful kites to fill the sky in search of the city winning the title of the best flying festival. Varanasi Kite Festival & Jaipur Kite Festival known as Makar Sankranti.

Makar Sankranti the kite festival celebrated every year in January. It marks the end of the month with the marking of the sun on the first day of the transit in Makar (Makar), winter solstice and now days beginning. Makar Sankranti is one of the traditional & ancient Hindu festivals that has been celebrated according to the solar cycle. There is a festival that is celebrating solar cycle, It is almost always on the Gregorian date every year (January 14), except in rare years, when it shifted from day one to that year, because the complexity of the Earth-Sun relative movement. The festival associated with Makar Sankranti is known by various names such as Lohari by North Indian Hindus and Sikhs, Sukarat in Central India, Bihu by Assamese Hindus, and Tamil and other South Indian Hindus by Pongal.

Lets experience the Kite Festival of Varanasi, India.

Kite festival is celebrated in Varanasi hundreds of years ago during the festival of Makar Sankranti, a very important monument to the abundance of grains and livestock, in the Indian population. This Hindu festival not only serves to celebrate the fate of the people of India, but also has a social component link, which is needed by all its citizens by all types of donations. Among the people, this association came from the Kite Festival of Varanasi, a very special city in northeast India whose environment and people visitors are the pure essence of India. The city’s search is already a gift for the lovers of the country, but if this journey is possible during this festival, the experience has been completed.

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For a few hours, the sky of Varanasi is covered with comet-all paraphernasis of shape and color is said that unless the struggle to stay as possible in the air. Every citizen, age or sex can compete in this festival, thousands of them participate. Apart from this, any point in the city is good for enjoyment or participation in the competition, even if the ideal place is the roofs of the tallest buildings near the banks of the Ganga.

The Varanasi Kite Festival wins the person who now gets to keep his kite in the air, knocking down or to stop his opponents from cutting yarn with his skillful flying techniques. In addition to being made mainly with silk paper and bamboo, the Indian kite right flying gear is working very well and is fully designed for “combat” in the air, flyer signs To match.

A kite may look like a breeze and a lot easier to work, but the great technique and skills needed to become the flight that will keep their kites unbeatable. There are also all lenses allowed to achieve this lens, such as covering the kite wire with glass powder and more easily as a competitive fiber bite. But what is the winner of the Varanasi Kite Festival? Well, in addition to complimenting and complimenting all his knowledge, as a reward, he will keep the comet of opponents he has managed to shoot down. If you have not heard of such competitions and are eager, feel free to do the perfect search for this foreign city and its original kite festival, a family trip to India.

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