Game Changer Behind India 3–0 Win Against New Zealand

Recently, India clinched the test match trophy from with a 3–0 win against New Zealand. This victory is being taken as the best performance by the man of Captain Virat Kohli. As it is the 10th test victory by the current test captain, Virat Kohli. And interestingly, India has been ranked on the top of test ranking over the globe, beating Pakistan to second place.

Before getting into the detail, let’s have a glimpse of the three test matched played between the two teams:

Test 1:

Venue: Green Park

Score: India: 318/10 (97) & 377d/5 NZ: 262/10 & 236/10

Result: India beat New Zealand by 197 Runs

Man of the Match: Ravindra Jadeja

Test 2:

Venue: Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Score: India: 316/10 & 263/10 NZ: 204/10 & 197/10

Result: India beat New Zealand by 178 Runs

Man of the Match: Wriddhman Saha

Test 3:

Venue: Holkar Stadium

Score: India: 557/5d & 216/3d NZ 299/10 & 153/10

Result: India beat New Zealand by 321 Runs

Man of the Match: Ravichandran Ashwin

Now let’s take a roundup of the game changer behind this 3–0 test victory.

1- Virat Kohli: The test captain of Indian cricket team is more than just an energetic and sporty player. He has reached his current position in a very short span of time. Many sources even consider him as the “Sachin’s Record Breaker”. In test Kohli is at 4th place with 10 wins in 17 test matches. Till now, MS Dhoni is considered to be the best test captain with 27 wins in 60 test matches. He is followed by Saurav Ganguly with 21 matched of 49 test matches.

2- R Ashwin: Ravichandran Ashwin (shortly known as R. Ashwin) is a spinner who scored 27 wickets in three test series against New Zealand. Because of his impressive performance, he was presented as the man of the match in 3rd test and player of the series too.

3- Ravindra Jadeja: The performance of Ravindra Jadeja was also praised in the three test matches. In the first test, he scored 42 (not out) and 50. Even Kohli in a statement said that the contribution of Ravindra Jadeja was really important for the victory of the Indian team.

4- Ajinkya Rahane: Ajinkya Rahane scored 77 in 2nd test, making it his second-best score against New Zealand in the test. Rahane is playing with an average of 75.60 runs in test matches. His partnership with Cheteshwar Pujara was also appreciated on the ground.

These are the main players behind this3–0 victory. But this impressive win can only be achieved with a team game, not a single player’s contribution.

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