What is the importance of Jokes in Our Daily Life?

In Today’s scenario, life of every person has become so much busy that they don’t get time to enjoy and relax. People are getting more stressed due to their hectic work schedule, bad habits (drinking and smoking), finance issues, disappointments in relation, struggles and tensions. Jokes play a very important role to ease our lives and work as a good medicine to relive our stress.

The importance of jokes is that when people around you are either sad, in a serious mood or in a problem. Jokes can help them to feel better. Jokes are basically the stories that bring laughter to the people who are listening or watching.

Once a writer remarked, “The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed.”

There are countless benefits of laughing and sharing funny jokes. Let us look some of the important that makes our life better.

  1. Health Benefits: Jokes make us laugh and impacts the body in positive sense. When we start to laugh, it not only just lighten our body but also induces many physical changes in our body. Funny jokes boost up the human immune system by increasing infection fighting antibodies. Laughing impacts blood circulation and help with heart and other cardiovascular problems. Jokes stimulates most of the organs of the body. It increases endrophins, released by brain and endrophins help in reducing pain.

2. Relieve Stress and Sooth Tension: Jokes help in relieving our anger, depression, tension and stress and make us feel light and irritation free. It also improves the mood by reducing anxiety and fear. Laughter increase heat rate and blood pressure, both of which cools down our stress response.

3. Social Benefits: Jokes plays a very vital role in social life. If we are sharing good jokes at our work place then we can impress our customers, colleagues or business contacts that indirectly helps us in cracking good business deals. If any of your friend is angry with you then Jokes become the easiest and the quickest way to overcome conflicts and promote strong relationships. It is seen that people who share good jokes, can easily build up friendship and have a long list of friends.

4. Develop a Sense of Humor:

Jokes sharpen our sensibilities and tune our capabilities. It improves our personality by bringing out our lighter side. Humor also allows people to express their feelings without any hesitation.

But Before sharing any jokes we should ensure that they are not in form to insult others or feel them bad. They are always in funny manner to keep our surroundings lighter. Whenever you have any good joke in your mind, share it with people around you and make your surroundings healthy.

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