Whats New In The New Interface Of iOS10

The news of iOS update is not new to Apple customers. Recently the company released its 10th version of iOS as iOS10 on the global level. However, being an upgraded version, it has been released for limited iDevices. iOS10 is released with the iPhones above iPhone 5.

The users who have upgraded their iDevices to this latest OS are feeling excited because of the new looks they have received in their smartphone. Starting from the curved edges, the bubble shaped notification have been provided. Apart from that, many more noticeable tweaks are added to it that makes it really exciting for all.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in iOS10

All New User Interface: Well, with the launch of new Apple OS, the users are getting an all new user interface. As compared to the earlier interface of single notification panel comprising of different notifications one below another, the new UI has divided them in bubbles. The notifications will now be seen in form of bubbles that helps them to differentiate from other notifications. The design is really appealing and you will undoubtedly like it.

Widgets On Search Screen & Home Screen: This time, the company has provided all the essential widgets onto the home screen. The same widgets will be easily visible on the search panel too. Earlier, users were only allowed to add widgets on notification panel only.

Message Integration: To make it convenient for the users, Apple has provided a new feature that includes integration of Apps with the message. It will help them to share app-specific content like images, videos, emojis and other supported items to the receiver. This is really an interesting feature that other OS are not supporting till now.

Integration with Siri: The voice assistance feature of iDevices were earlier integrated with limited apps. But with the advancements made in OS as well as voice assistance, Siri is now integrated with many apps. With this update, you will now be able to perform many apps like calling, sending a message, etc.

Few Tweaks in Maps: Apple Maps have been competing against Google Maps since years. It has been making amendments time to time to compete with its rivals. So, running on that path, Apple again made few tweaks within their Maps application. The changes like adding traffic route with the nearby feature are added in it. For those who own CarPlay, can even get the alternate road route along with the turn by turn navigation.

These are few of many upgradations that are embedded within iOS10. There are many more updates, but the above-mentioned are the major ones. So, if you have already upgraded to iOS10, enjoy the change, but if you are still thinking, you must add this update in your smartphone and experiment the revolutionary OS by Apple.

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