My Story as a Homeless Developer
Jesse Horne

First of all thank you for sharing your thoughts. Here is something I’m doing and based on your story maybe you should too.

I, like you, have also started a couple of projects which are going nowhere as of now but I’d like to believe that someday they will. So, to support myself during all this time, I’ve also got a full time job in an IT company. As soon as, I get back home, I start working on my own ventures.

This strategy allows me to figure new things out without being broke. So, maybe you should also get a job somewhere, anything if not software, as that can alleviate your problems like food and shelter.

But I am just a random dude on the internet, advising a man who he has never met so my advice could be useless to you. IDK! I just felt like we had something in common. i.e. working on non-profitable projects, hence I wrote this response.

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