An introduction to some popular sorting techniques.

Most languages have a built-in method which serves the purpose of trying to sort a bunch of data. The common tendency amongst most developers, especially those who are just beginning their journey, might be to choose this path and avoid writing their own implementation. But, this can end up having unforeseen repercussions in terms of performance. Therefore, it is better to go with a sorting technique that is best suited for your current requirement.

The first 3 sorting algorithms that I cover in this article, have an average time complexity of O(n²). …

Learn how to effectively use React life cycle methods.

To build a project using React, the first step is to figure out the various Components that are required to bring your project to life! Once you are able to visualize the client-side of your project as a collection of Components, half the battle is won. So it is fair to say that Components form the crux of any React application.

But how does a collection of Components end up becoming a single page application? This is no different to the way every single website is rendered by your browser i.e, by creating a DOM. But in case of React…

An introduction to RESTful routing.

Chances are that you have already heard about REST APIs even before you stumbled upon this article. But maybe you never fully understood what that meant, or as to why it is used so frequently. The crux of the matter is that, it is just a set of constraints in API design.

But why would this be necessary? Can’t an API endpoint have any pattern a developer wishes to keep? After all, an API is just an interface for data transfer, it would work regardless of the pattern of the server requests, as long as it correctly matches the API…

An introduction to service workers.

What is a web application? An app that can be accessed only through a browser? An app that cannot replicate the rich offline experience that a native application can provide? Or, an app that requires a constant internet connection to work properly?

In case you agree with any of these answers, this article will be a huge revelation for you! But as most of us already know, a modern web application can do so much more than just running a few scripts on the browser to display HTML.

It can cache content so that it can be accessed offline. It…

Get rid of callback hell, using ES6 Promises.

If you have never heard of Promises in JavaScript, chances are that you have experienced what is often termed as callback hell. Callback hell is referring to the situation wherein you end up having nested callbacks to the extent that the readability of your code is severely hampered.

If you have never experienced callback hell, let me give you a glimpse of what it looks like. Brace yourself and try to understand what the following piece of code is trying accomplish!

An extreme example to illustrate callback hell
An extreme example to illustrate callback hell
An extreme example to illustrate callback hell

Okay, to be fair, this might have been a slightly exaggerated example. But, it proves the point that attempting…

Understanding the quirks of flexbox.

CSS is the bane of many developers’ existence, as evidenced by this query on reddit.

But CSS doesn’t really deserve the bad rap that it gets! Although everybody’s reasoning is different, the general consensus is that CSS is hard because it behaves weirdly. One such concept which scares off most beginners, is that of flexbox. But as you go through this article, it will become apparent to you that flexbox is actually a pretty easy concept to comprehend!

Simply put, flexbox is tool to build layouts. It provides a cross browser-compatible method to implement layouts and makes it easier to…

A comprehensive walk-through of some useful built-in array methods.

If you’ve been programming for any amount of time, you would be familiar with arrays. They are among the first data structures taught in most programming lectures/courses. For good reason too, because they are pretty easy to work with. But in case you work in JavaScript, using arrays can be made a whole lot simpler with the help of some useful higher-order methods!

The reason that these are called Higher Order Methods is that they can accept/return another function. If this seems a tad bit confusing, then it’s important that you understand why functions are first-class citizens in JavaScript. …

A thorough overview of the concepts involved.

There is a ton of options when it comes to client-side frameworks, and often it can be a little confusing for beginners to choose from a wide range of choices. Often these choices boil down to Angular, React, and Vue. “So, which is the best choice?”, you may ask. I can’t help but give you the clichéd answer that there isn’t really the best choice. Just pick one and learn it thoroughly, would be the best advice to give, because all the three choices eventually boil down to very similar working strategies.

In case you have made up your mind…

The most basic git workflow you can follow.

It’s a common misconception that Git is only meant to be used by programmers, but the truth is that it is a versatile tool that can be utilized by people from all walks of life. In this post, I shall give you an insight as to why Git is essential, why it can be confusing, and most importantly, as to how you can leverage it.

But before we begin using Git, let us understand why we might need to use it in the first place. …

A thorough overview.

This article is going to be helpful only if you identify yourself as a beginner, and trust me when I say that there shouldn’t be any shame in doing so.
If you are someone who has toyed with the idea of getting into web development or if you’re someone who knows how to code, but doesn’t know what to do with it, then I shall try and show you the things that can help you in the journey that you’re about to set out on.

First off, let’s get familiar with a few terms. …

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