Sum — Making Addition Engrossing!

Everyone knows how to add two numbers. It’s the simplest thing taught to us at a very young age. People even do that for a living.
Yet, have you ever wondered how good you are at it?

How fast can you add?

Sum comes from a very simple concept. Based on the fundamental concept of addition, the aptly titled game promises fast-paced and thrilling gameplay for players of all ages, contrary to the conclusion one might draw from its description.

The game is straightforward and simple —
The game consists of a 3x3 grid. 5 numbers are generated at random, in random places of the grid.

There are 3 different game modes to choose from:
Classic: You get 90 seconds to find as many combinations as possible. Scoring a correct combination gives you 3 seconds more, whereas a wrong combination will deduct 5 seconds from your remaining time.
Rush: Score as many combinations as you can in 90 seconds. No time bonuses or deductions.
Infinity: Play and practice for as long as you want without any time restrictions.

To make a combination, you have to select the “SUM” first, followed by the two numbers that add up to the sum.
Correct combination: 20 = 8 + 12 OR 20 = 12 + 8
Wrong combination: 8 + 12 = 20 OR 12 + 8 = 20

What’s even better? This game has no ads, and requires no internet to play. It’s totally worth a shot ;)

Play it now on Google Play

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