Ayurvedic treatment is being used widely nowadays not only in India but in other parts of the world too. In fact, this popularity gained by Ayurveda is well deserved because of the holistic and healthy approach it has towards healing a disease or disorder. Hair fall is a problem which is caused by the imbalance in Pitta dosha. There are many reasons for aggravation of this dosha like eating hot, fried and spicy food, over exposure to sun, stress etc. Hormonal imbalance and side effects from a disease or medication might also be the reason why you are losing your hair (Read more about Hair Fall Causes and Implications). Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural herbs and their extracts. These herbs have an intrinsic property which helps in hair regeneration. Here are some effective Ayurvedic therapies and medicines with little to no side effects which you can use for the treatment of hair loss and hair growth — Ayurvedic Therapies For Hair loss Nasya Treatment for Hair Shiro Abhyanga for Hair Loss Shiro Pichu for Healthy Hair Shiro Vasti Beneficial for Hair Fall Nasya Treatment for Hair Nasya treatment or therapy in Ayurveda is basically the instillation of nasal drops into the nostrils for the treatment of an ailment. It is to be performed under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. The initial steps in the therapy include massaging head and face gently followed by a heat treatment to the face. This is succeeded by instillation of nasal drops in both the nostrils. For hair loss, three oils are preferred in the Nasya treatment — Yashtimadhu oil, shadbindu tail and anu tail. Yashtimadhu oil is prepared from til taila, ksheera, yashtimadhu and dhatri and aids in curing hair loss. It also encourages the growth of new hair. Shadbindu tail aims at reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. It … https://www.shimply.com/articles/ayurvedic-treatments-for-hair-loss-and-regrowth/

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