Sinusitis is a health disorder of the air cavities or sinuses present behind the bones of the face. It can get serious sometimes and cause headache, nasal congestion and other related problems which can be difficult to deal with. More often than not, the inflammation of the sinuses recovers on its own but sometimes the symptoms tend to last longer. There can be a number of causes for the sinus infection ranging from a bacterial infection to unhealthy diet habits. There are, however, certain things you can change in your daily life which will reduce your risk of being affected by sinusitis — Diet for sinusitis patient Follow good habits for sinus problems Stay away from allergens for sinusitis Wear proper clothing to guard against sinus infection Diet for sinusitis patient Concentrate on what you eat. Sinusitis is caused mainly due to an imbalance in Vata and Kapha dosha. You should try to follow a diet plan which does not aggravate any of these two doshas. Try to avoid very cold eatables and drinks. Focus on something which is an intermediate between the two extremes (hot and cold). Avoid heavy food as it can be a problem for your digestive system. Take warm and cooked meals which are light and nourishing. An excess of sugar can also be harmful. Alcohol should be avoided. Fruits like apple and pomegranate are good for you. Instead of drinking plain water, you could infuse tulsi leaves and ginger paste in it. This helps in detoxification. Follow good habits for sinus problems You should follow some good habits and incorporate these in your routine to help with sinusitis. Eat proper meals at a fixed time every day. When you skip your meals, your body does not respond well and rather accumulates toxins. Maintain proper hygiene and believe me, it is totally fine to go …

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