Jaundice is a liver disorder which causes the color of the skin and sclera of eyes to turn into yellow. Though medication is important in case of jaundice, a lifestyle change and proper diet plan can quicken up the recovery process. Diet in jaundice Rest period for jaundice Say no to sex & illegal drugs during jaundice Take warm water bath during jaundice Diet in jaundice Diet plays a crucial role in curing any disease and same is the case with jaundice. Take your meals on time and it’s better to eat small meals 4–5 times in a day at regular intervals than eating 3 larger meals. Maintain good hygiene and wash your hands properly before and after eating food. Drink only purified water. Food to take during jaundice Eat green vegetables and foods which are easily digestible. The juices of vegetables which are bitter in taste (like bitter gourd) are extremely beneficial in case of jaundice. Drinking lemon juice, radish or tomato juice is also very helpful. Buttermilk and coconut water are also good for jaundice patients. Increase intake of wheat, grapes, raisins, almonds, cardamoms and fresh fruit juices. Food to avoid during jaundice Turn your head away from the spicy, salty and oily food. Say a strict no to alcohol as it acts as a slow poison for your liver and can trigger jaundice. Non-vegetarian foods and fast foods should also be excluded from the diet. Pulses and carbohydrate rich food should be avoided. Rest period for jaundice Rest is the key when it comes to recovering from jaundice. Take sufficient bed rest and do not indulge much in physical activities. Avoid sleeping during day time. You may do matsyasana (fish pose) yoga which helps in recovering from jaundice. Bhujangasan, uthanpadasan, savasan and pranayam are also very beneficial. (Also Read: Yoga — The Ulimate Guide for Good Health) Say no to sex & illegal drugs during jaundice Control your sexual drive and … https://www.shimply.com/articles/diet-and-lifestyle-changes-for-jaundice-patient/

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