Today, the kind of environment we live in, presents numerous factors responsible for causing various health disorders. Hair fall is a very popular problem known to affect a wide range of individuals. Although it is considered very normal to lose 50–100 strands on a daily basis but more than this could be a matter of concern. You might start to lose your hair with passing years as the root of your hair becomes rather fragile and weak with your old body. You might have been a victim of side effect of a medicine. An illness or a hormonal imbalance can also be the culprit behind your thin hair problems. Other pivotal reason includes aggravation of the Pitta dosha which is one of the three doshas or energies ruling the functioning of our body and mind. Here are some basic changes which you can make in your lifestyle and diet regimen for treating hair loss and growing new hair — Diet to Stop Hair Fall Naturally Proper Hair Care Routine To Control Hair Fall Prevent Hair Fall With Climate Proofing Sleep and Relax for Healthy Hair Diet to Stop Hair Fall Naturally Eating healthy and nutritious food is very important for maintaining healthy and strong hair. What you should do is to include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet. It gives you iron which is good for hair strength. These nutrients also ensure growth of healthy and strong hair. Try to avoid pitta agitating foods like hot, spicy and fried things and turn to fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Drink plenty of water. Avoid too much tea, coffee and alcohol consumption. Drink healthy and cool beverages like lemon water. Proper Hair Care Routine To Control Hair Fall Maintaining the health of your hair is very important to avoid hair fall. Try to avoid the usage of artificial cosmetics on …

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