Jaundice or Pilliya is defined as a medical condition under which a person’s skin and sclera’s (whites of eyes) color turns yellowish due to the presence of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a waste product which is filtered by livers. Hence ayurveda based home remedies pay heed not only on alleviating symptoms but also on keeping the liver healthy. In ayurveda, jaundice is referred as “Kamala” and is caused due to pitta aggravation (Read more about Jaundice Causes and Symptoms). For all those persons who want to bid adieu to jaundice naturally, here is a list of 7 ayurvedic home remedies to deal with Jaundice. Amla for jaundice Tomato juice for jaundice Lemon water in jaundice Turmeric in jaundice Radish in jaundice Barley for jaundice Bitter Gourd for jaundice Amla for jaundice Indian gooseberry or amla is a potent herb that supports the functioning of liver. Drinking its juice thrice a day can effectively help in getting rid of this liver disorder. (Also read: Amla Uses, Benefits and Side Effects) Tomato juice for jaundice Drinking tomato juice on empty stomach each morning is an effective home remedy for jaundice. Tomatoes contain lycopene in high content which supports the liver functioning and quickens up the recovery process. You may add some pepper and salt to it. Lemon water in jaundice Lemons have liver healing properties and hence drinking lemon water twice or thrice a day is very beneficial for jaundice patients. Turmeric in jaundice Everyone is aware of healing properties of turmeric (haldi) and its high medicinal value. Stir 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of warm water and drink the solution thrice a day to support the functioning of liver. Radish in jaundice Eating fresh radishes (mooli) or drinking fresh juice of radish is an effective remedy for jaundice. It helps in eliminating the bilirubin from the body. For better results, you may also add a spoon of basil leaves’ paste. Barley for jaundice Barley (jau) helps … https://www.shimply.com/articles/jaundice-ayurvedic-home-remedies/

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