A mentor

As time goes by,we grow up to our expectations,our hope for a better life, we live up to our dreams,our passion.

But have we ever thought who was the first one to discover the hidden talent in each of us . There will be a person behind every sucess that we taste in our lives. A person who would be there to guide us to the right path . We call him as our mentor,our teacher.

It takes someone special to discover a hidden passion in one’s life . A mentor is a person who live through our heart . We would always remember that person wherever in world we are,because that person was reason that we stand today high in mountains,enjoying beautiful life . A mentor changes our life .

A mentor is one who lights our path,who inspire us to go on to the top of mountain.

Sometimes at some point of our lives, we would always need someone who would give us a hand to climb up . A mentor would be there with us for some time . In that time he sets the puzzle right . But in the end we have to complete the last piece of it .

A mentor is one who made us to see the beautiful stars in the darkest times of our lives . They teach from their heart to make the best of our lives . They live up to see our success. We stand tall today because of them . They helped us to scale the mountains of success.

They believe in us even when no one does,they hope for the best of us . They take our sadness away and sprinkle the magic of love,happiness in our lives. They teaches us to see the beautiful rainbows even in the rain .

They teaches us to see the beauty of our lives .