You are technical

Anyone can become an engineer.

“Me? But I’m not technical. I’m not a nerd”

Doesn’t matter. No one’s born a technical person.

“But I don’t know Java”

That comes later. The important part is understanding the flow.

If you can understand the flow of cereal, from the box to your mouth, you can understand the flow of data from User Interface to the Database.

The troubleshooting process is similar, believe it or not.

What could go wrong in the process of eating cereal?

You don’t have any cereal in the box. Its not the cereal you want. Its the right cereal but it just doesn't look right. You don’t have milk. Too much milk. You don’t have spoons or bowls.

For each issue, you have to tailor a solution that solves the situation.

All these examples have a similar technical counterpart in any project during the development process. Every process has steps. Acknowledging the importance of each step and being able to work through them is the first major step in becoming a technical person.

If you can troubleshoot cereal, you can trouble shoot large scale systems. It’ll just take some time. But hey, you’re technical.