How Can You Avoid Fake Astrologers?

Astrology is both — art and science. It works on math and logics. It can give you valuable insight into your life. However, just like any field, there are authentic people and then there are fake people. In the same way, there are real astrologers as well as fake astrologers. The primary motive of any fake astrologer is to manipulate you into spending a lot of money. Their advice and suggestions are barely ever useful. It is okay to use your skills and talents to make money. However, it is not okay to tell lies and play on people’s emotions to extract money out of them. There are many fake astrologers out there. Here is how you can identify them.

Fake astrologers will claim that they are the medium

Astrology is a science which can be mastered by learning and practicing. However, it is not something which is based on intuitions or whims of a person. While some real astrologers are intuitive, they will never claim to be the medium of something more powerful. A fake astrologer will usually claim that they are the medium of god and will say that they posses certain psychic powers. If the astrologer claims to be in touch with the higher spirits or claims to communicate with the angels, it is best that you stay away from them. Such astrologers usually create fake reports based on the information you gather on your life and then use it to manipulate your mind so that you end up spending a lot of money. A real astrologer in Delhi or anywhere else will primarily work on the numbers related to your date of birth, time of birth, and the place of birth.

Fake talk about stars; real about planets

One of the biggest things that can help you spot a fake astrologer is their primary focus of conversation. If an astrologer is talking mostly about the stars then it is very likely that he or she is not learned enough and doesn’t understand astrology much. Astrology is more about planets such as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, etc. It is also about Sun and Moon. A real astrologer Gurgaon or for that matter from any place will focus more on the planets. They will deduce the predictions based on your date, time, and place of birth. Their predictions will be based on the relative position of the planets at the time of your birth.

Fake astrologers try to play with the emotions

Hope and fear are two things that are used to manipulate the public in general. By playing with your emotions the fake astrologer Noida will induce fear in your mind. Once there is substantial fear in your head they will suggest solutions to you and give you hope. When a person is scared, he or she will do anything to get out of it. Astrologer that say negative things and generate fear should be avoided as they are not real. The real astrologer south Delhi will talk more objectively. A real astrologer will only tell you the things based on calculations.

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