Vastu Tips for successful business

We always desire of successful business but we don’t succeed. You must have seen your business rivals are getting success but you are failing although you have more skills compared to them. You will be shocked to know that some Vastu tips can change your life and you can make your business successful.

So, if you want to make your business successful then start following some simple Vastu tips. Let us help you by giving simple Vastu Tips that will bring fame in the business.

You must be thinking what Vastu is and how it brings success? Vastu is the science or art of designing places in accordance with the Hindu beliefs, aims to make you rich by pleasing Lord Kuber, the god of wealth. It is believed that if you make Lord Kuber happy then he will flood you with all the wealth and prosperity. Follow few tips in consultation with a famous vastu Shastra expert and earn success and money in the business.

Ø North-West (NW) zone is mainly responsible for getting support from financial institutions. Avoid toilets in NW zone; otherwise you will feel there is nobody supporting your cause.

Ø Avoid green color which creates an imbalance of five elements, it will make your support system imbalanced and you will face problems.

Ø Keep your NW zone clean and draw some paintings and sculptures there. This will draw necessary support for your business from clients and financial institutions in the hour of need.

Ø Employer should choose right color for the office as right color in right direction will absorb all negative energy. For example, certain painting will suit the color of wall, so employer should not only put but he should also keep in the mind Vastu directions.

Ø North zone should not have pantry or red or pink colors in office; it will cause problems in payment recovery. It will also create problem in receiving new orders which form the back bone of finance for small and medium enterprises.

Ø Avoid putting waste metal products in east direction; it will cause problems with government departments and influential persons which will not be a good thing for financial growth.

Ø Marketing professionals should avoid blue and black accessories and place their workstation in south zone. Their seats should be maroon or brown in color and they can also experiment with green color to get benefits from contacts. Ideally they should face north to attract more money and newer opportunities.

Ø Sales professionals ought to place their workstations in east zone and avoid yellow and gray colored accessories. Their seats ought to be blue or brown in color. According to forty five Powers of Alchemy in Vastu Shastra, green color can facilitate them develop contacts with new customers. They must sit facing west to draw in a lot of sales order.

Ø Senior professionals are required to plan for an organization, so they must sit in north east Vastu zone facing west. This will generate better planning ideas. They should avoid red and dark yellow covers for both seat covers and accessories.

Ø In order to execute and implement plans more efficiently and effectively, management professionals should sit in the west Vastu zone facing east. They should avoid red and green color for seats and accessories.

These were few remedial astrology tips to please Lord Kuber and make your business successful. Follow these tips and enjoy the name and fame.