Reaping success in share market using astrology

The share market is one place where people love to invest money and the reason for this is that share market offers a lot of attractive opportunities to earn money. Ask any person and he or she will tell you the significance of investing money in the share market. The main reasons for investing money in shares include:

· Great potential for growth

· Great source of earning money

· No complications involved.

Share market holds great importance in the lives of normal people. Astrology plays a great role in the share market through predictions made. Following are the planetary combinations which astrology suggests in order to earn success in share market:

· Astrology says that there are some houses in the horoscope which are money givers. In other words, if these houses are in the birth horoscope of a particular person then money comes to you easily. These houses are the 2nd,5th,8th,11th along with the 5th and 9th.These houses indicate how much financial success is earned. In these houses, the 5th house indicates gains through the share market, stock trading, speculations, forex and lotteries, while the 3rd house is a supportive house being the 11th from the 5th house.

· The 9th house along with the 5th house in astrological horoscope is great for luck and indicates more money. Both these houses are termed as Lakshmi Sthanas. Connection of 5th and 9th lords to any of the houses like 2nd,8th,11th reveals a greater wealth or rather a good dhanyoga. In addition, if there a Lagna lord in these houses along with any of the other lords then it indicates much more scope of wealth or rather excellent dhanyoga.

· If the 5th lord gets connected to the 2nd,9th or 11th house and the 9th lord gets connected to the 2nd,5th or 11th house, then that indicates that you will be earning quite well if you speculate. This will be further enhanced is the Lagna lord is present in any of these houses.

Some important things to be kept in mind while investing money in the share market:

· Do not follow others. Make your own informed decision.

· Invest only in the business you understand and know about thoroughly. Do not just invest for the sake of investing.

· Your approach to investment must be disciplined.

· Portfolio must be broad.

· Keep rational expectations. Do not expect the same kind of returns from the share market.

· Make sure that you invest only those monetary funds of yours which you have in surplus.

· Keep monitoring the share market rigorously and keep a track of the condition of your shares.

These are some important things that you should keep in mind when you need to invest money in share market. Astrology plays a big role in share market predictions through its business consultation in the field. Contact an astrologer now and see how astrology brings about benefits to you in the form of greater earning through share market.