All about astrology and depression

If there is one thing that people are suffering from nowadays in common then that is depression. Depression is a major sickness that cannot be taken lightly. It can spread its wings in the entire human body and can create some undesirable effects.

There are quite a lot of reasons for people to become victim to depression. Some of the major causes include:

· Any kind of abuse like physical, mental or emotional abuse can lead to depression later on in life.

· There are certain medications that can increase the chances of depression. These include various drugs.

· Personal conflicts with family members or close friends may lead to depression.

· Death of a loved one may lead to depression.

· Genetics also plays a big role in depression.

A person may be suffering from depression if he experiences the following symptoms:

· Loss of interest in normal activities

· Feelings of sadness and hopelessness

· Sleep problems

· Feeling of crying for no reason as such

· Problems with concentration

· Difficulty in decision making

· Irritation and restlessness

· Unexpected weight loss or gain

· Fatigue or weakness

· Feelings of worthlessness

· Thoughts of committing suicide

· Physical problems such as back pain or headache.

Astrology has great cure for solving this problem of depression through the remedial astrology concept. There are quite a few remedies and these remedies include:

· Making the moon stronger. Yes. Weak moon is the reason behind a person falling into depression. Thus, it is important to make it stronger. This can be done by drinking water in a silver glass. This is for the reason the moon is considered to be a significator of water and a symbol of our emotions and feelings. This astrological remedy is quite effective to tackle depression.

· It is not necessary that the moon is weak. It may be badly placed in any of the houses. This might also lead to depression. This can be corrected by wearing pearl or moonstone in silver.

· Lord Shiva is the supreme lord and the almighty who controls the universe. Appease him by worshipping him or even offering water to shiva linga.

· Make it a habit of fasting on Mondays and recite shiva mantra. This is also an effective remedy.

· Now this is one astrological remedy which has been known to deliver excellent results. Wear silver ornaments like a silver chain or bracelet in right hand on a Monday. Try wearing it on a Monday only. It would deliver great results.

Depression is a serious problem which, if not solved on time can prove quite harmful. Therefore, it is important to seek the path of astrology and consult an astrologer in this regard. The astrologer will guide you really well on how to use astrology for solving the problem of depression. Contact an astrologer now for astrology consultation and see this problem vanishing away soon. Your life would change in the most positive way once you take the path of astrology.