Bare Copper Wire Used For Grounding Applications

There are diverse reasons for all kinds of wire and cable incorporating bare copper. The engineers really work hard to offer a kind of wire for each and every application with approvals to move ahead with it.

Bare Copper Wire is also famous as ground wire. This wire is not insulated at any cost and hence it has no fortification. Generally, it is used in homes as ground wire and possesses the most excellent conductivity without insulation. Therefore, as long as it does not go outdoors the electric contractors do not mind utilizing it.

Bare Copper- Base for Various Wires and Cables

Bare copper is as well the support for majority of the wires or cables. It is available in solid form and in smaller awg sizes wrap jointly to equal the identical gauge. By using the smaller awg provides the bare copper wire with more of flexibility to bend around the corners. You may believe that you would always require the most flexible wire because it could be better but that may not be the case always. At times, electrical contractors require being stiffer so that they may send a long way through medium.

Uses of Bare Copper Wire

Bare Copper Wire can be used for the following purposes:

• For busbar crafts
• For grounding applications
• For metal finishers’ hanging wire

Applications of Bare Copper

Solid as well as stranded (classes AA plus A) bare copper are appropriate for overhead spread and distribution function. In addition, Stranded conductor of superior flexibility (classes B and C) are apt for un-insulated hook up, grounds in electrical construction and jumpers. Soft drawn copper is unilay manufacture.
You will very frequently come across a ground wire in any kind of electrical cable. All the Romex, tray cable and UFB cable possesses a bare copper wire.

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