The BJP has just won the elections with a landslide which, perhaps, even they did not expect. Such a hegemony has not been seen in Indian elections in a long time, and may be the signal of a new era.

The BJP controls the 3 Ms of elections. It has the money and its funding is significantly larger than all the other parties put together. It exercises firm grip over the media — both social and mainstream. It also has the manpower, and not only does it have its own cadres, panna pramukhs, and possibly strongmen, it also has the…

On the 26th of May 2018, I was on my way to Delhi from Ireland. I had an early morning flight to board, and had booked a cab through a popular app. On the way, I got chatty with the gentleman driving the car. The previous day, the Irish had voted on a referendum to decide the fate of the 8th amendment which prevented legalization of abortions. The preceding few months had seen fervent campaigning from all quarters. I asked the gentleman driving the car which way his vote went. His response caught me somewhat unprepared: “I was going to…

I have spent almost all my life in India, and I’ve been in Ireland for less than a year.

It is ironic that I’ve almost always been made to feel like an alien in places where I was born and lived. I was born bred in Shillong, and witnessed countless riots aimed at the so called “foreigners” of whom my own community formed the part. I remember the constant environment of fear whenever one ventured out during the times of unrest. Once, my father was assaulted by his own friends and left to die, thankfully he didn’t. A neighbor was…

An Ideal I-day Celebration

Yes, it must be called I-day from now on.

Hire a caterer and a tent company, and since 7 in the morning workers start setting up the loudspeakers and microphones, raising the flagpoles, decorating the lawn with flowers. These workers are paid Rs. 200–250 a day.

At 11 AM, the residents of the apartment trickle down. Kids wear colourful clothes. Aunties dressed in white suits, and flout tri-coloured dupattas. The kids are given some made-in-China plastic toys as gifts.

The loudspeaker blurts out patriotic songs from the 70s. …

While traveling by train, I met a retired middle class gentleman who, despite of his limited knowledge of internal or external affairs, felt the need to distribute the fruits of his long life, his experience, if it was worth anything. The gentleman, so he said, was a fan of Indira Gandhi, and he still looked at the emergecy with fondness in his heart. He remembers the discipline of those days — the discipline which he knows was present becuase everyone in his office was always on time — nothing more or nothing less in terms of evidence, and not an…

  • Buy a camera, or ditch that, just use your phone.
  • Carry the camera with you, always
  • Don’t bag the camera, keep it outside.
  • Don’t be a sniper, get close, get closer.

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.
— Robert Capa

  • Smile
  • People are not subjects, they are thinking, living beings. Take a genuine and honest interest in them. Same with dogs, and cats.

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.
— Alfred Eisenstaedt

  • Get rid of the rule of thirds grid on your phone. …

Rajbir Bhattacharjee

Thirty Something. Photographer. Inventor. Musician. Poet. Liberal. Martial Artist. Rationalist. Animal Lover. Nature Lover. Jack of all trades. Master of None.

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