You may have seen many codes where the keyword pickle have been used. What is the term actually meant for. And do we need pickling in Python. I also get struck at the term. So, I have tried in this article to learn as well as teach to you.

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It is a module that implements binary protocols for serializing and de-serializing a Python object structure.

The definition from the documentation seems a complete definition but what does the term in the definition describes.

The term to cloud your knowledge will be explained clearly in the below chapters.

1.module:It is a…

The react and redux are separate libraries.React is a UI libraray whereas redux is state management library.Redux on individual cannot be used.So,to get along the way, react-redux come into play.

1.Install react-redux

npm install react-redux;

2.Import Provider in app.js.

Provider provides the store of redux to the UI component.The store of redux consists of all the state to be managed.

import {Provider} from ‘react-redux’;

And then the app.js goes like this

<Provider store={store}><App></Provider>

2.connect the UI and store

To connect the UI and redux (say React and Redux ) connect is used. React-redux has a function called connect…

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.With the height of 8848 meters above sea level,it stands in the southern part of Asia in a small landlocked country called Nepal. Obviously,Mount Everest is a beautiful mountain with myriad of obstacles to climb in its way.Despite the identity of tallest mountain,it has many great stories to tell.

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Mount Everest received it’s name from George Everest,a Surveyor General of India during the period of 1865.Andrew Scott Waugh was the first European to see the mountain and wrote the recommendation to geographical society. Everest was a influence on the geographical work of…

The basics of passport-jwt is given below

In passport.js

const opts={




passport.use(new JWTStrategy(opts,(jwt_payload,done)=>{}))

<script src=”"></script>

There are many vulnerabilities in web. MySpace suffered from XSS(Cross Site Scripting). Twitter has suffered many data leaks. But data leaks is something that can be prevented as well as protected with many restrictions.Security and authentication on server or client has always been a major concern to web security.And adding client side security has been better option nowadays.

Authentication is the major factor for the security in any web or mobile applications. Authentication make our website secured against various vulnerabilities.It is also important to preserve many data for security purpose.

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There are many types of authentication. But basically, they are…

Machine learning Basics.

Before jumping right into machine learning and its algorithm, there are some of the basics concepts and mathematics that you might encounter while learning it. People often…

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