Archiving a bitbucket repository

Aim : De clutter the bitbucket dashboard which is filled with old repositories (aka a flood-of-unused-codes-preventing-you-to-get-to-your-current-project).

Story so far:
The feature request has been made 5 years back. Yes 5 long years back. Check this out —

So far, atlassian has chosen to ignore this request. But thanks to Mike Gruen’s tip on what he did for his team, I came up with this simple yet highly useful solution.

TL:DR — Create a new team with name “archivesomething” (Obviously, archive is taken), transfer ownership to the team.

Or for a more fun and tongue-in-cheek way of doing it, check out the end of article.

For a less elaborate steps than below, checkout the article by atlassian

Ok, now the long version / Steps —

  1. Click on Teams in the header and select Create a team.
  2. Choose team name to something like archive<something>. (Since archive alone is not available). You can add only yourself and create the team.
  3. Now, go back to your dashboard, click on the project you’d like to archive and once you’re there, click on settings (last option in the side nav bar).
  4. Once you’re in settings, click on transfer repository.
  5. You’ll be immediately taken to accept the transfer (Since you’re the owner of the team). Once you’re done with this,
  6. Go back to your dashboard, repeat above steps, create another team called currentproject, and continue to move your current projects there.
  7. Once you’re done with that too, go back to your dashboard, click on teams, click on currentproject — And there you go — see only the projects you care for at the moment !!

Now for the tongue-in-cheek method-

I went ahead and created an account with the name “whynoarchive” and created a team “whynoarchiveatlassian”. So anybody —

  • Who don’t want to delete their repository
  • But also want it to be listed online (So you can search it later)
  • Yet don’t want it on their personal dashboard
  • and don’t want to create a team like in above steps

Can transfer it to the team “whynoarchiveatlassian” and it will be listed in the public repo there. (No, this is not a scam to get ownership of all the archived repos in the world, and sell it to highest bidders). Like I said, just a “sweet” way of letting the atlassian people know about the ignorance !!

What do you think ?

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