The day I became a millionaire

I’m at a point in life where my basic needs are met. I’m “unemployed”, as in not employed by any company but enter and exit contract work and projects, building Android apps.

I was bouncing a couple of questions to my friend as well as running them in my mind —

  • How much money should I make in life so that it doesn’t become a constraint when I decide on what kind of work I do.
  • What happens once I have that kind of money ? Will I continue programming ? Or will I choose a new work ?
  • When money doesn’t come in the equation anymore, does what we do can be called as work ?
  • Should I (and people in general) work all their life ? If yes, how long should I work on fulfilling other’s dreams ? When do I start “working” on fulfilling my dreams ? Should I wait till I pull back the curtain or is that I can only pull back the curtain once I bring my dreams into this world ? Catch-22 ?

I must say reading the article, gave me various streams to think about, related to the questions. Hope I can arrive at a closure regarding these thoughts.

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