My Journey from transition to PM from QA role.

Well to give a brief view about my profile. I am working as Senior Associate QA Automation with one the famous e-commerce in SEA. At some moment, I always feel that I am not so much include toward the work which I do. Although QA gave me a good career and good horizon to work abroad but I was not feeling satisfied. And sometimes I feel this is an under-rated profile, it sounds biased. Recently I faced an 8 round of interviews, including on-site interviews. The salary they offered is a mere match to my current salary in Bangkok.It is local salary in Singapore. I asked why they offered such creepy salary. I got the reply QA is very easy to hire and they can get easily in that salary.I faced this many times. Well, thanks for to them for wasting my time and effort.But thanks that it gave me wisdom to think of another career seeking long term future growth.

Lets come to PM job. I decided to be full time PM. Although this journey looks to be very tough since, I have 6 years of QA experience but it is not impossible.

After several years of head hunting and trying lots of other profession, finally I got to know what I want in life.PM role matches my skills and it will give me satisfaction in my work.

I drafted my education and transition into different phases .In Phase I i am started going through online Udemy course How to become PM. Still in progress.