Vertical vs. Horizontal Product Management

Rajeev Kumar
Mar 29 · 1 min read
  • Vertical product management means that you’re an expert in one particular field.90% of all the Product Manager roles are more like this. The bigger the company, the more vertical the role.
  • In horizontal product management, a product manager is responsible for the entire horizontal product. In a horizontal product manager role, you get to work with many more teams and opportunities.

Vertical Product Management in a nutshell:

Deep knowledge expert.

Focused on one problem.

Work with your team.

Complex problems.

The face of the product.

Product owner.

Horizontal Product Management in a nutshell:

Entire stack.

Fix problem in entire stack.

Work with many teams.

Growth hacking.

The face of the market.

Market owner.

The 10 Commandments of Product Management:

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