Tools That No Data Scientist Can Live Without

Here is your read if you are competing to take up a career in data science, the hottest job field in the information technology sector in 2017, according to LinkedIn. There is a lot of hype around data science and data analytics these days, with a rapid increase in the pay scale of data scientist and a shortage of relevant professionals with data analytics certification. Data science is a multidisciplinary method combining data inference, algorithm development and technology to extract useful insights; hence it requires multiple tools and skills. In an over-crowded tool market, what are the essential tools in a data scientist’s armour to perform the task efficiently? Find out.

Data Science

R for Data Science

R has been a super powerful tool for analysing data as well as for statistical computing. It is one among the most wanted analytics courses for professionals in the current scenario in which data scientists’ job are in high demand. The tool works on Mac, Windows, Linux and more, and is very essential for statistical analysis, data visualization, and predictive modelling.

Rapid Miner

It is yet another data mining course which most professionals with an eye on data scientist jobs take up to improve the employability. With plenty of incredible features, Rapid Miner calls itself the tool that ‘makes data science teams more productive through an open source platform for data prep, machine learning, and model deployment.’ It is best suited if you are aiming for a career in automotive, banking, insurance, retail etc.


To put in simple words, it is an essential tool for a data scientist to create statistical data representation that is easy to capture. It is basically a Python 2D plotting library which produces publication quality figures in hardcopy formats and interactive environments. It works well in Python scripts, web application services, and other four graphical user interface toolkits.


Another highly readable, open source programming language, Python is considered one among the essential analytic tools for a data scientist. It is a definite skill to equip yourself with if you are thinking of a career in data analytics with an experience as a programmer.

That was the list of essential tools for a career in data science. Improve your career prospects by joining the right data science certification course for you.