Earlier this month, it closed a $125 million Series C funding round, and Sapphire Ventures is excited to have participated. The way we see it, Podium’s customer interaction software is unique because it’s transforming how local businesses interact with their customers. Fast Company agrees, listing it as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019.

While these are difficult times for local businesses, Podium’s platform is making it easier for them to stay in business by improving how they engage with their customers throughout the lifecycle — from product or service discovery to purchase and loyalty. …

We’re thrilled about Livongo achieving their latest milestone of going public! After such an accomplishment, it’s always fun and important to look back at the journey because after all, often it is the journey, not only the result, that is most fulfilling.

Sapphire Ventures first invested in Livongo in 2016, and as our first true health-tech investment, it wasn’t easy. For one thing, we canvassed the digital health (and specifically the diabetes management space) for months, and while there were clearly lots of good intentions, there weren’t that many good businesses .

Let’s face it: it’s tough sell healthcare solutions…

By Rajeev Dham, Partner, Sapphire Ventures and Todd Olson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pendo

I’m thrilled to announce that Sapphire Ventures is leading the Series D financing for Pendo, an incredibly exciting SaaS business re-defining the product and user experience software category. I’m happy to welcome Todd Olson, CEO of Pendo, to the Sapphire family and to share his views here on why he decided to partner with Sapphire. But first, let me tell you my partners and I decided to Spendo on Pendo!

Why Partner with Pendo?

At its core, Pendo provides a product cloud platform that improves users’ experience with digital…

By Rajeev Dham (Partner, Sapphire Ventures) and Manuel Medina (CEO, Outreach)

Today, I’m excited to announce our Series D investment in Outreach, a fast-growing provider of the leading SaaS customer engagement platform. At Sapphire, we have a mantra of backing “Companies of Consequence” and we believe Outreach fits the bill. Beyond me telling you why, Manny, CEO at Outreach, was gracious enough to also share his thoughts on why he chose to partner with Sapphire Ventures.

But first, what does a customer facing engagement platform really mean? In my view, engaging with prospects and customers, for a variety of purposes…

We’re excited to announce our Series E investment in TransferWise, a next-generation global leader in international money transfer.

Traditional bank transfers and other money transfer services often have punitive and opaque pricing and poor user experiences. To solve these problems, TransferWise is creating a new fabric of international asset and currency transfer driven by a transparent and easy-to-use application for end-users.

Another simplistic consumer finance application? Not so fast. …

By Rajeev Dham, principal, Sapphire Ventures, and Nino Marakovic, CEO and managing director, Sapphire Ventures

Master Data Management. If that doesn’t make you jump out of your chair, we understand. After all, compared to the buzz surrounding robotics, AI/ML, drones and the rest of the “cool” areas within technology, data management may not come to mind as the next exciting area of disruption. But, for better or worse, we dig categories that may be deemed less cool — look no further than the enterprise service bus and our investment in MuleSoft.

As such, we’re excited today to announce our Series…

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Catchpoint®, a next-generation leader in digital performance monitoring and analytics. Catchpoint provides a SaaS platform that monitors and optimizes the end-user experience across enterprise customers’ digital touch points to ultimately enable a smarter, faster way to preempt performance issues.

So why’d we invest? Well, it all started with our near-immediate appreciation for the problem Catchpoint is solving. For years we’ve evaluated the application performance monitoring (APM) ecosystem and realized that while traditional APM vendors play a critical role in IT operations management, businesses still lose visibility and control of their end users’ experience…

Rajeev Dham

Investor at Sapphire Ventures

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