What really is a relationship

Hi all, this is first time I’m writing in any online platform. I’ve chosen to write about relationship.

What is relationship?

According to me accepting someone as they are.Thats that. I’ve witnessed so many breakups and reasons for most of them were silly (At least for me) like he/she didn’t pick my call, he/she is not giving preference to me etc…, (feel free to add more in the comments).

One piece of advice I thought of giving them all was, you cant force someone to be part of your life as you want him/her to be.

For example lets take you likes ice cream that doesn’t mean your partner also have liking towards that. If you are expecting him/her to to do so then thats not relationship, thats ‘dictatorship’. So you do what you like and let your partner do what she/her like. you happy, your partner happy.

So finally relationship is bond between 2 people accepting each other’s differences, supporting each other in panic, share each other’s success. and importantly giving each other their own private space.

Thanks for reading, Have a nice day.

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