No Human Applicants, Please
Daniel Yount

The Machine and us conversation is resonating from many corners these days … but I feel man vs machine debate is as poorly conceived as man vs nature debate ( the other debate!) both arguments have strange forecasts for future … while, when we look back across millions of years, there is little proof of dramatic changes, of the type we might want to predict for the future. But it’s our nature to some how see Humans as something that’s outside the system — universe or earth, while the fact is we are as much part of Machine as we are part of Nature, no one is really out there to take the others position , there’s no ‘other’- it’s all the same, we created machines to help us with our works, then we become paranoid that our creations will take our work away from us! How strange is that, the evolutionary game is quite resolved in its rules of engagement and its a long term play for all. Strongly believe every creative process takes us one step forward, and as the universe expands so do we… there is room for everything to exist, the role we play is continuously evolving.