There is a old saying that tomorrow never comes. And it is true scientifically too !!!!

Today, while i was teaching my son the name of days of week Sunday, Monday……… I suddenly got an idea. The idea about yesterday,today and tomorrow. Everyone , while reading this, must be thinking what idea may be there that someone might have about yestreday ,today and tomorrow . These are so simple words to know!!!! There is nothing new in these time dependent words . But let me tell what i thought about these words . In these three words , two words namely Today and Yesterday,have day in last . However tomorrow does not contain day in the last. Agree. Ok. Now the Idea i got is that:Yesterday, Today have day in last because we are sure about that yesterday was day, today is day But ,but,tomorrow we have not seen and will not be able ,so we are not sure whether it will be day or not tomorrow!!!!. We dont know whether toadys’s night will continue forever or day will come tomorrow. However we are sure about yesterday that day was there and today is day.

The creators of the word ,tomorrow,in the beginning,were aware of that perhaps!.And might have knowledge about Geography. I think. I think that because it is the rotation of earth on its axis that decides the day and night on our planet EARTH. Yesterday and today are already there but about tomorrow , we are not sure. We are not sure about earth rotation anymore that tomorrow earth will rotate on its axis or not or some UFO, planet get collided with earth and can destroy the whole earth.All this may be due to external forces present in the Universe. And we will not be able to see tomorrow . And there may be no day tomorrow. That is why tomorrow does not contain day, however, yesterday and today contain!!!! I guess our ancestor,creators of word tomorrow,were so intelligent and were having good knowledge about Geography in addition to other brilliant things. So all dear tomorrow will never come , it is today and it was yesterday… You enjoyed yesterday, so enjoy today… and leave all worries about tomorrow…because tomorrow will never come and does not exist……..

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