Of changes and fear, of perceptions and actions.

Am not a qualified professional to comment on the below but would like to give an insight on to what triggers each of these emotions and how we perceive them and what the society perceives of them. This is in relevance to the recent hot topics on terrorism and religion.

Let’s start with fear: when one of us walks by the side of the road and suddenly a dog jumps on you and bites you, it leaves an unforgettable impression of fear and you freakout the moment you see a dog let that be a pet or trained or a street dog.

Now that doesn’t mean all dogs are bad and all dogs will bite you or only street dogs bite you and not the pet ones. Some dogs by their actions look friendly and some scare you by their appearance and both of them cannot be trusted which is what your fear makes you believe.

This fear when shared or experienced to another individual leaves just as an impression and fear of dogs. Now we also have other animals which bite but we emphasise more on the dogs and you know why.

The same applies to terrorism, if one rotten individual of the society has killed a few it would lead to a fear among the rest whenever they hear, confront or see someone.

A general psychosis should be established before we judge anyone and say someone is religious or secular.

Now coming to change: change is good and we perceive change as coming of age or times. When a change is taken by an individual which is perceived as pretty good by that individual, might turn out to be the worst to the people around or pretty helpful.

However when it comes to religion which I believe is an institution that has gotten so rooted into our system that we believe that our religion is much better and ideological than others rather than embracing the finer points on each side, we sit to judge and jump at the very context of a finger raising against ours.

When this very fabric is disturbed where we induce fanaticism saying what you see around is polluting the existence of ones religion and some change has to be introduced it leads to chaos and destruction.

Now this change is dangerous, there is no concept called innocence being brainwashed, there was never an innocence in the first place, the fanaticism was already existing which was slowly fed by the society and someone just brought in a change of view.

So in the end it all comes down to how you were brought up, what values are induced in you, what teachings of your religion actually got stuck in you and what change are you willing to observe.

Now being an illiterate or a literate would not change the above dynamics or the thought process as here this involves the psychology of the individual.

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