Taking Family Along on Your Business Trip: Learn How You Can Make the Most of it

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”-St. Augustine

What matters the most is your family and the time you spend with them are memories and experiences that count in the end and not the amount of money you’ve earned. And as we see every day, long-distance travels to faraway places for days and weeks are becoming a common occurrence, people are unable to spend desired quality time with their families and spouses.

Most people do take out some time in a year to spend with their families on festivals and occasions. But for frequent travellers, businessmen and executives who are on the job at all times, taking time out from work for a short trip, sometimes seem like an impossible luxury.

Sometimes, to maintain a work-life balance, taking your family with you on a business trip can become a much-needed refreshment for you. But, before you do that, read these 5 tips to make most of your bleisure trip with your family on your next holiday.

1. Plan in Advance: You will need to plan for your work, meetings and most importantly your stay in a family friendly business hotel before you embark on your journey. Your family’s stay needs to be comfortable, and enjoyable when you’re attending your business meetings.

2. Search for places to visit nearby: Create an itinerary for your family and especially kids to do in your absence. You can look at things to do on a business trip and create a list of places your family can visit in nearby locations. Getting them busy while you’re working will get them creative. So, by day end when you arrive, you’ll have plenty to talk about.

3. Keep a tab on Costs: Taking family on a business trip can become expensive if you don’t keep an eye on spending. In general, costly shopping sprees or late-night rendezvous with colleagues and friends will burn your pockets. Also, check your companies travel policies to know which costs you can claim and which you shouldn’t.

4. Keep a Balance: Prepare a schedule in advance about when you can and when you won’t be able to accompany your family. This helps you in planning your trips, business meetings and keeps you family members aware about your priorities and what to expect from you at each hour of each day. Setting your priorities will help you focus on work at hand and will keep your bosses in good humour.

5. Go for Experience: Dispel the myths to your family and especially other half that business trip is just a swish traveling and luxury accommodations for leisure. They will come to experience a new you which they wouldn’t see every day, the hardworking parent/ husband/ partner. This experience will change the way they look at you and even improve your relationship.

6. Plan the Weekends: You can also cover weekends to ensure that you can travel with your family to enjoy maximum on those 4 days and still save costs.

You are the best decision maker for your family. So, choose very wisely on which days you can join them and when you have to visit them. Also, choosing a business and family friendly hotel like Starottel can go a long way in ensuring enjoyment with your family while working.

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