Wind Power to be Stored in a Huge Flow Battery

Wind Energy

Under the header of Redox-Wind task, ICT has been creating a large-scale redox-flow battery pack. The aim is to use the battery to store wind energy. The 2 MW power and 20 MWh capacity electric battery can supply the electric power needs of your village for up to ten several hours. An industrialized hall at the testing facility in Pfinztal, Baden-Württemberg properties 45, 000 liter reservoirs to preserve energy in liquid electrolytes.

The tanks have been waiting around patiently for the entrance of the custom-build breeze turbine. The ICT researchers, however, are less patient. They’ve been planning the project for a long time. Now, finally, large trucks have recently been arriving at the center to deliver the components of the 2 MW wind turbine. As soon as the generator with its 82 meters rotor diameter has recently been erected, they can finally get their hands on the real thing. Read More>>>