Starting the blockchain journey in India
Rahul Raj

Dear Rahul,

Thanks for your article. I believe India always late in new things.

But when I have read news about your company after search in google, I found your name. I don’t know why you have not create some kind of publicity at local level. I am person from middle-class and searched about Bitcoin before 3 years back when Bitcoin was about 50K INR but at that time, I could not found trustworthy app or web site through which I can start investment for my future. I think this is your responsibility too. :)

Before few days back, I read about Ripple and Ether in detail, and found that both are good for long term investment (rather to go for SENSEX). One company is there in India who offer Ether and just started Ripple but they were thinking that they have monopoly. I have applied for Ripple and for KYC, they take more than 2 weeks even after I am member of their other web site for Ether.

I think, “Customer Satisfaction” will be main target for people like you. I have switched off to you from their and I am really happy to see that within 24 hours; you have given me positive response for KYC compliance and I think you are the WINNER.

My personal request to ad few more currencies in near future which are in top 20 and also request for app based trading.

My heartiest wishes for your platform and request to add features like app based trading and QR coding for an address (this is must).

Warm regards,

Rajesh Patel