5th November & Weekly Review

Remember Remember the 5th of November! Whether or not you are planning to fiesta in the Bonfire festivities tonight, the theme of Bonfires makes for good reflection. On Diwali day in several Indian states (and parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali) a big bonfire is lit to burn effigies of Ravana the ten headed demon king to symbolise the power of intelligence to burn up destructive emotions. Personally I symbolise it as an occasion to nominate any behaviours I wish to let go of and give up. I’ll be dedicating quiet time this evening to reflect on habits to let go that will help cultivate the ones I wish to form.

It’s been 7 days since the Challenge commenced. A great time for a week review. Gazing over the vision boards, the week that was, jotting down any themes amongst the daily learning, resetting and refreshing our intentions.

Wishing you all a wonderful evening celebrating wherever you are.


Personal Note: “Saturday Greetings. Today’s Qigongo practise was my best yet in terms of inner quiet. I feel that I am at a tipping point. My movements were fluid, my mental state was here and now. Felt present through the movements rather than simply enacting them through commands from my mind. The journey continues..”