Day 3 , October 31, 2016 — Happy Halloween! The festivities keep rolling! Hope you are doing fine and flowing. An exercise I’ll be doing today and one I encourage you all try out is posting yourself a Christmas day card. Basically we put ourselves in the frame of our Christmas day self. Looking back on the past 2 months and looking ahead at the day itself. We write about our journey and the celebration. Whom are we with, what do we feel abundant about, how was our journey, how are we celebrating and so on. Basically we put on our Imagination hat and visualise and narrate our journey and Christmas day on a card. Post the card to yourself first class. On receiving the Card through the postbox keep it somewhere warm and cosy. Perhaps beneath your Christmas tree or other place. I’ll cover a couple more exercises relating to this Christmas day card in days to come. Here is a photo of my card which I’ll be writing in and posting tonight!