Day 7, November 4, 2016 — Did my practise and looking at the days past my big reflection has been routine. I’ve been doing my practise at various points in the day. And I’ve also been going to bed at vastly different times and usually beyond midnight. Highly recommend you browse the website of Balance magazine’s October issue. They have dedicated the issue on the theme of sleep. It covers sleep from many perspectives and compliment it with articles the art of conversation and the life balance wheel. One article I liked was by Nick Littlehales who recommends a simple 90 minute waking routine of: Controlled Daylight wake (gently expose to soft light and optionally gentle morning soothing music) + Hydrate + Fuel Up (light, nutritious food) + simple domestic/creative challenges (e.g. Writing or simple tasks to warm up the brain) + Exercise/Movement + empty bowel & bladder + delayed tech start-up. You can mix the principles to suit your bio-rhythms, the single inviolable rule is to give 90 minutes between waking and tech exposure (smart phone, email etc.). The research indicates it’s far too much stimulation at a time we are meant to gently re-orient following a restful sleep. Happy day and Sweet dreams everyone! x