Day 9, November 6, 2016 — Sunny Sunday Greetings! The sunny is from a London perspective. We have a gorgeous crisp autumn day. Crispy, fresh, cool. A time for wearing both the sun glasses and thin gloves. Our integer system runs in cycles of 9. endless repetitions of 9. 1 to 9 then the cycle begins again with two digits then three all the while building up to the 9 then repeating. So welcome to the completion of the first cycle in this challenge. On a personal level I’ll be doing my practise today in the evening. It’s not the routine I intend to follow however it’s an easy Sunday morning and prior to going outdoors for a bike ride, I’m enjoying a fuelling breakfast and browsing reading. A theme that emerged yesterday going to bed and today on waking is relationships and relating. If the first 9 days had a theme of letting go and giving up inspired by celebrations like All Souls, Day of the Dead, Bonfire 5th November then the coming 9–18 days leading into Thanksgiving day 24th November see the highlight being food and relationships. Traditionally Thanksgiving is attributed as a celebration recognising the Harvest and officially begun in the United States in 1789. However an earlier instance of Thanksgiving celebrations actually occurred in 1623 for the arrival of rains that ended a drought period. Supportive, Fun relationships are the fuel that sustain One through the hardiness of drought and make meaning of the joy from pouring rain. Harvests are bountiful when there is a community to share the goodness with. Balance.

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