Here’s an interesting pre-challenge exercise you may enjoy. It’s drawn from the writings from one of my favourite Science writer’s Brian Clegg. The technique is called “Compass” and it simply involves asking Why (is that important)? 5 times with our Intention. Using my goal of daily morning QiGong sessions, it will be: I wish to cultivate a daily dawn qigong practise Why is that important? 1. It will harmonise my energy and make me feel good (before i begin my day’s activities) Why? 2. Having a freely flowing energy means I’ll be less prone to distraction and more in the moment Why? 3. Being present and poised allows me to go into a flow resulting in me creating quality work Why? 4. Creating quality work, sharing this work with others and making inroads in that which is most important for me is very fulfilling Why? 5. Feeling fulfilled and looking back at the creatively productive day I had will greatly contribute to me enjoying a deep satisfying sleep meaning i will wake up refreshed inspired to do it all over! Feel welcome to share your Why? relating to your intention/s.

A bonus verse celebrating the season we are in: “I like spring but it is too young. I like summer but it is too proud. So I like best of all Autumn, because it’s leaves are a little yellow, it’s tone mellowed, it’s colours richer, and it is tinged a little with sorrow…” By Lin Yutang

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