OK is good enough

Day 21 — Perfectionism is death. So exclaimed my Astrology loving poetic friend. We spoke of creation and Death. Beautiful topics to discuss over a mid-morning cup of tea! Death has many negatives. On the flip side it’s essence is life. Why live if there is no Death. This is finite. Let’s make memories. This year I have made many new friends. A large number of them Professional Life Coaches. And one of my very successful Life Coach friend’s has a slogan ‘OK is not good enough’. Yet when I ask friends why they do not create and publish more. The answer is not because I don’t have any ideas or no stories to tell, its because they don’t feel it’s good enough. And when is good enough? After the 100th polish and final extinguishing of the last embers of uncertainty? In the field of creative expression I’m discovering OK is a start. OK is better than never. OK expressed is far better than waiting for the Good Godot. (NOTE: waiting for Godot is a classic play by Samuel Beckett where two clowns engage in random conversation on an isolated bench whilst waiting for the protagonist Godot. A figure who does not exist nor shows up). A quest for Good enough is like waiting for Godot. OK published often enough leads to Good. Good to Better. The step we take is to begin. Embracing the unknown. Regardless of whether this Art will be accepted or even Respected. The Art may be confusing or incorrectly configured. But do begin. Begin doing. And set an Expiry date. OK is fine. You have all our support. Just make the OK “a song from your heart”.

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