Start with “Why not”?

When I decided on October 29th I would update my status daily for the Diwali 2 X-mas challenge little did I realise how much the process of publishing daily would grow me. Expand my view and excite me. Something magical happens when we simply show up and make a commitment to Publish. When i finish writing I will press publish. This much I know. So often I don’t know what happens in-between. Between showing up and Publishing. What will I write about. Turns out the secret is talking. Don’t think I’m writing, think I’m speaking. No one has to date reported talkers block. No one pre-choreographs their conversations for the day. Unless they are ruining for Office or wife of a President elect. In that case it’s OK. The point is talk and type. Narrate and allow the words to fall in string. String a sentence. No worries about spelling or grammar. We got spell check for the former. The latter, well first write then edit. In the art of creation it begins not with Why but with Why Not. Richard Branson’s version is S***w it, lets do it. F@*k It! are Synonyms for Why not. Why not this idea? Why not now? Why not me? And so we keep saying yes to the Why not’s. At least let’s see how far we can go. Who might know? A phone call to this person. Why not? Create an advert and leave it on the park bench with our details? Why not? Begin asking “What if”? See a scene. Imagine a possibility. What if, instead of all these poor festival goers clamouring for beds in a couple of overpriced hotels, they could enjoy some home hosted accommodation? What if we set up a website that matched these people to our friends with spare rooms (and open to opening their doors). Then ask Why not? Do it. Start. A path of astonishment is our companion. Walk this path by tapping into and experimenting with our Curiosities. Why not set up this venture? Invite partners? Form a trio, quartet. Big band, bigger cause, Calling. Restless Romeo’s seeking. Perhaps the esoteric principle behind Romeo and Juliet is not star crossed Lovers rather two Lovers seeing stars. The Action and Dream team. Why not meets What if!