Super-energetic Eating

Day 22 — E = m(c squared). Energy equals matter multiplied by the intensity or attention of consciousness squared. OK so that’s my interpretation on the masterpiece of the 20th century. To quote Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli “There are absolute masterpieces that move us intensely: Mozart’s Requiem, Homer’s Odyssey, the Sistine Chapel, King Lear. To fully appreciate their brilliance may require a long apprenticeship, but the reward is sheer beauty — and not only this, but the opening of our eyes to a new perspective upon the world. Einstein’s jewel, the general theory of relativity, is a masterpiece of this order.” The human body is a marvel. Science has an infinitesimal fraction of insight into its being. One of our wonders is the process of Digestion. What happens that allows us to process and convert food into bone, tissue, blood cells, muscle and body matter? To this day we don’t know. We speculate the same ‘Energy’ that gave us the Big bang is the same ‘energy’ that transforms our Food into matter and energy via Digestion. Now there is a plethora of diets available that inform us on optimal foods to eat. Low GI, Raw Vegan, Alkaline, Paleo and more. Each makes pertinent arguments for their dietary recommendations. All these Diet types are valid to the extent that What we eat is only part of the equation. The lesser part. There is a key ingredient ignored or mentioned scantily by all these Schools. This is the vitality of our attitude, attention and awareness whilst minding (eating) our Matter (food). The quality of our attunement with our Food, determines the quality of its assimilation into our Body. The quality and quantity of energy we derive from our meals is directly proportional to the level and texture of our awareness and attitudes whilst consuming the food. In all cultures we have pre-eating rituals to invoke attitudes and levels of awareness that make us receptive to assimilating the Meal. A recent meet with a Jewish friend on Friday evening saw Us reciting a beautiful prayer ritual prior to eating. Thanksgiving is a fantastic opportunity for All to make time for giving. Thanks prior to eating. Continuing this practise through the festive season and new year will yield compounding benefits.