Tech Sabbath

Saturday Sabbath greetings! — A brilliant book I downloaded recently was on the Human Brain by a lady named Tiffany Shlain. The book studies the development of the human brain and looks at neuroscience as an analogy for studying the development of the world wide web. In one of her articles Shlain speaks of the practise of a Technology Sabbath. A 24 hour time window where her family from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday take a complete pause from all web connection. And the media includes the web. So for 24 hours they go to the farthermost extent into pre-digital media living. Friday candlelight dinner, reading books with each other, amazingly the possibilities expand the more constraints are applied. And in the trail of Tiffany Shlain I have the past 48 hours given myself a Facebook Sabbath. And I recommend this technology Sabbath be a practise all of us at least experiment with. A 24 hour window where our news in the Now occupies all the News in our world. Let me know how you get on.